Just some random morning thoughts……

Recently read in the news that Van Jones, Obama’s former Green Energy Czar, now wants to give Mother Nature “Human” rights.  I think I speak on behalf of the rational population of the country (world) when I say, “Huh?”  Is the group he’s working with now actually serious about this?  Look, I have no problems with respecting nature and being smarter about how we interact with it (ie, preserve it), but really, to give it human rights?

Doomsage (?) brush lizard gets on the endangered species list.  Fine, but by doing so, we put their survival over some other more important things, like our farmers who need to make a living by farming the ground the lizards might be living on?  How about the oil companies that need to drill in certain areas, thus employing the American population and stimulating economic growth?  Oh, and those same oil companies drilling domestically would help reduce our dependence on foreign oil, right?  But they can’t because of a lizard?  Really?  Just curious, but would the demise of the lizard really topple the delicate balance of the eco-system?

The Royal Wedding.  Can we say a royal pain in the …..  Why do we really care?  Is there a danger of us and England not being allies if we don’t cover the story 24-7?  Are diplomatic relations in danger if we don’t know what Kate Middleton’s dress looks like?  Are we so insensitive that we need to intrude on where they plan on spending their honeymoon? 

Just wondering.