God’s blessings

I had a nice revelation this evening when I got home.  God has really blessed me in the  past few days.  Now, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as I know my God blesses me daily, but since Saturday, I have been feeling especially blessed.  And I’m so thankful for it.

First off, on Saturday, I got to spend time with my fiance Danielle, my good and dear friends Winston and Petra Crutchfield and their kids, Robbie and Linda Morse.  I’d say it was nothing special, just dinner out and conversation, but that’s exactly what made it special.  Or more appropriately, who made it special.  It had been way too long since I’d seen Linda and Robbie, and I don’t remember the last time I’d been able to hang out with Winston and Petra.

Then Sunday was just a regular Sunday.  I was able to fix Danielle breakfast after she came over, then we went to church and heard a good message that reminds us that Jesus is Lord of our Fears.  and when it comes to worry and fear, His statement to us is, “Just don’t.”  Can’t be simpler than that, right?  A new bed was delivered that afternoon, then spending time with the kids at New Community.  I wonder if those kids know how much of a blessing they are to me.

Finally, I got a surprise today when I discovered that my good friend and former college roommate and his family were going to be in town.  Got to spend my lunch hour with them, then some more time just relaxing, kicking back, and being our old selves at Winston’s again after work.  Adam and Rachel Watson are such good people, and I will miss them when they move to Germany on Sunday.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed them, and how glad I was to see them, even if it was for such a short time.  I will pray for them to be safe while they are overseas.  Hey, who knows, might be a nice vacation destination for me and Danielle sometime in the near future after we’re married.  Smile

I’m sure that if I looked it up, I’d find some perfect Biblical passage that talks about friends, family, and the love of God that would be so relevant and right for this moment.  But I don’t have my Bible handy to look them up.  Yes, I’m on my computer and could go to my favorite online Bible site, Biblegateway.com, but time won’t allow it at the moment, so there’s the link.  What I do know is that God has given me these blessings for some reason for which I will not understand, and that’s okay.